Company Values

1. Family & friends first

We believe that work and life should not compete.

2. Be proud of your work

Our clients only deserve our best work. If we're not proud of our work, how can they be?

3. Speak human

We explain anything we do so your mother would understand.

4. Make each other smarter

We work as a team and share what we know.

5. Details make the difference

We don't rest until we uncovered every stone.


About PlayCo

PlayCo was founded in 2015 and in a few months time it became one of Belgium's leading interface design agencies.  We have a small team of enthusiastic and dedicated design specialists working on projects for Belfius, Lampiris, Medialaan, P&V, CityLife, Truvo, VRT, ao.  At PlayCo we like to keep it down to earth and get things done.