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Warm/Cold mobile app

project 004
Launching soon

It's easy to get bored using Google Maps, isn't it? Well, not anymore. Warm/Cold is not reinventing mobile navigation apps, it's redefining it.

Warm/Cold is in development and launching very soon in the app stores. Send us an email and we'll keep you posted when it's live.

Persian Supper Club

project 002

There are 2 ways to enjoy the Persian home kitchen. Or you can book a flight to Iran and get yourself invited by a family for dinner. Or you can book a seat at the table of the Persian Supper Club.

Every month Setareh - you guessed it, she's form Iran - hosts a private dinner event where you can experience the Persian cuisine and hospitality. Check out persiansupperclub.com for the next events.

Kung Fu China

project 006
in development

We all know China is changing the world, but China can also change your interior. We're working on 5 exclusive hand painted porcelain vases. Want one? You can pre-order now.


project 005

Why watch Netflix if you can stream with VTM GO, right? Exactly! We designed the video streaming platform for dpg media. An interface so smooth you won't even notice it's there. Check it out on vtmgo.be.

Modular Candle System

project 003

Are you also never really happy with the way your candles look? Do you feel you need something more in your life, on a candle level? Well, have we got something for you... How about a candle system that lets you staple colors and sizes the way you feel.

Break free from you boring candles and check out our Modular Candle System. (For the record, we're still looking for a name that sounds less Ikea-ish)

Pop-up Minigolf

project 001

Dust off those putters! Get out those caps! Your Tinder dates will never be the same again. Minigolf is back. We're reinventing minigolf as you know it. So hip it will dominate your instagram feed. Our 18-hole indoor minigolf court will change your life forever.

If you want to sponsor a hole with your brand we have different formulas, contact us to know more.