PlayCo Designs "De Grote Sporza WK Pronostiek"

The client brief

"We want to create a digital soccer prediction tool allowing people to organise their own World Cup prediction contest. No more Post-its on fridges, no more hassle with complicated excel sheets… PlayCo collaborated with VRT Creative Lab to build a solution that works for everyone, whether it’s for the biggest soccer fan or your grandma or even Jan Mulder."

The challenges


The team at Creative Lab insisted that the prediction tool should be easy to use by everyone and anyone regardless of how digital savvy they are or their understanding of soccer and the World Cup.


Sporza wanted the most straightforward solution, without the need for registration, logins, passwords or activation emails. 

The design process


During the kick-off, we defined the scope of the project.
What are we designing? What will be our main focus?

Prototype (UX design)

Interactive prototypes allow us to make our ideas tangible and ready to test with users.

Visual Design (UI design)

During the visual design process, we also took into account:

New branding

The design of the tool coincided with Sporza’s rebranding. The look and feel of the World Cup prediction tool corresponds with the new Sporza branding.

No need for a login or password

No tedious registration flows with usernames and new passwords. All you need to do is fill out your name and email address and you’re all set to organise your prediction contest.

Adding participants

You can add participants to your World Cup prediction contest yourself. Or you can invite friends to join with a personal link to the prediction contest.

You could be tempted to change your team’s predictions, but don’t even think about cheating. Every action and modification is registered and time stamped.

Add prediction

Add your prediction for every game until the kickoff.

During the design process, we decided to include the penalties in the scores. 

The scores

Check your real-time ranking for all the games in your prediction contest.


"We appreciated the flexibility during our collaboration with PlayCo. We share the same agile design mindset that helped us to explore all the options during the design iterations."

Jasmine Haegeman - Digital Innovation Manager VRT