5 key questions about Design Thinking for senior executives

Digital has changed customer expectations. New digital companies disrupt markets with customer experiences that are radically different. They go beyond useful and create experiences that are emotional. How does your company face this challenge?

Is your organisation aware of what influences the customer experience?

Every product comes with customer experience whether it was designed into the product or not. How intended are the experiences you create? Is your organisation aware of the outside trends that influence the expectations of your customers?

How does your company create experiences?

Human-centric experiences are at the heart of successful customer experiences. Who is responsible for creating human-centric solutions in your organisation?

Do you know when you delight or frustrate your customers?

Does your organisation have a clear view on the end-to-end experiences customers have with your products? What are the most painful moments? What are the most delightful moments?

How does your company measure the customer experience?

Emotions are hard to quantify, but the impact on your results is real. Measuring is key in managing successful customer experiences.

Do you have someone in your C-suite with the words “experience” or “design” in their title?

Without the buy-in from senior management, efforts to answer these challenges will have low to no impact. The design of customer experiences reaches beyond the design department. Everyone who influences the final product should be accountable for the experience they create. Yes, even legal and compliance.

PlayCo helps companies to apply Design Thinking in their organisation and create winning customer experiences.

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