What is Strategic Design Management?

Shifting the role of design in an organisation from output to outcome.


Design is the process of understanding what customers need and how your product can help them achieve that in a frictionless way.

Good design is defined by more than how it looks. Good design is functional, easy to use and gives satisfaction when people use it. Bad design creates frustration and harms your business.


Strategic means that the design processes serve the business. Business objectives might stand in the way of customer needs. And what customers expect from you might not be what your business is about (yet).

Strategic design helps organisations to align business objectives with user needs and creates an effective outcome.


Design management is how you implement design throughout your organisation. It is crucial to realise that design happens inside every organisation, even if you didn’t hire any designer.  Everyone who influences the experience of your product creates design, whether they intend to or not.

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  • The different design processes
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  • Disruptive customer experiences and user interfaces
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