Louis Ingelaere

Design Thinking specialist

Louis started his career combining design and brand strategy. He defined and designed customer experiences for brands like Belfius, BASE (now Telenet), Medialaan and VRT.

Louis helps companies to find the value of design for their organisation. He combines creativity with research to define result driven experience strategies.

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Speaker topics

How interfaces help disruptors win

The interface is how people experience your technology. In this keynote Louis explains how disruptors can use their tech to advantage with innovative interfaces.

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The role of design thinking in corporate organisations

Many Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Google and Apple gave design a seat at the table. Louis explains how they use design thinking in their organisations to redefine how their business creates products and services.

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Future interfaces

Today interfaces are dominated by smartphone screens, but new technologies are waiting around the corner. In this talk Louis lets you peek into the future of VR, AR and bionic interfaces controlled with our voices, eyes and even our minds.

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Image credits: Uber.com, Lynda.com, Figlab.com