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Inside man

Experience has taught us that the 'briefing > working > presenting' flow alone is a less efficient way of working. From now on, we work with an 'inside man'. The inside man is not only the link between the designers and the client, but also between briefing and presentation.

Our inside man works on the client side but is very closely involved in the design process. In most cases, this is the project manager or the product owner. The inside man is the person we call as soon as something is not clear. 

The ideal inside man has two important qualities:

1. Product knowledge

The inside man knows the project we are working on inside out, in terms of both content and technology. Our ideal inside man does not have all the answers, but he knows where to find all the answers. 

2. Knowledge of the organisation

Our inside man is also our informant and lobbyist. He draws our attention to things that are sensitive for certain stakeholders. On the other hand, our inside man smooths the path for decisions that are more difficult to take. 

Thanks to our inside men, we work more quickly and efficiently.

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