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About PlayCo

PlayCo is a team of designers, researchers and product managers who work together to make mobile and web applications more user-friendly. We started in April 2015 and are now a team of 11.

Our vision

We believe that people prefer a minimal interface when using digital applications. The less people have to think, the better. So we develop solutions that require as little interaction as possible. And the remaining interactions are as user-friendly as possible.

What we do

PlayCo specialises in optimising user-friendliness for digital applications. We design interfaces for all screens using a tried and tested method:

●      UX strategy:

We identify the top tasks for the application. What should users be able to do in the app? 

●      UX design:

We create an interactive prototype of the application and work with the development team to refine it until it is ready for development.

●      UX research:

We test the user-friendliness of the prototypes with real users. 

●      UI design:

We translate the visual brand identity into a digital style guide and apply the design guidelines to the application screens.



What we think is important

●      Happiness

We want everyone who works for and with PlayCo to have time for themselves. For some, that means friends and family, for others it's a trip round the world or working in the garden.

●      Pride

PlayCo only releases work that we are proud of. After all, only the best is good enough for our clients and their users.

●      Cooperation

At PlayCo, we always refer to ‘we’ and ‘us’. Every design, every insight, every idea is the result of the interaction and the diversity in our team.

●      Plain language

We try to speak the language of our users as much as possible. If we can't explain it in plain language, we won't be able to design it simply.


Our clients

We have already worked on projects for Belfius, Lampiris, Medialaan (Stievie), Truvo, Studio Brussel, Sanoma, Delen Private Bank, My Micro Invest, Horecafocus, Zembro, Cubigo, Medbook and others.



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