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What do you want to do vs. What do you want to get done

When you develop new functionalities for your app, don't think just about what people have to be able to do with your app, but above all about what they want to get done.

This will help you make your app even more relevant for your users and increase satisfaction. You are not only helping people to make your part of the assignment easier, you are helping them to finish the job at once.

An example:

Peter has to send his landlord proof that his rent has been transferred. Peter can do that in our banking app. Go to 'Accounts', consult the history and there Peter will find all the information he needs, such as the date, the reference, etc. Our app has helped Peter.

Only not entirely. Peter now has to type out all this information. Or perhaps he has taken a screenshot. In any case, he still has to send his landlord an e-mail. Perhaps that can be done straight from the app? 

But how do you find out about this type of thing? 

You can think of lots of ideas with the project team. That is a good base to start from. But there are a whole host of opportunities that you discover by listening to what users say about your app, especially when they complain. 

Talk to Customer Care regularly and listen to the frequently asked questions. Read the reviews in the app stores. Go through the comments on the Facebook and Twitter pages of your app. They can provide a lot of ideas. Don't wait for a survey or an analysis. Don't assume that these things will filter through to you automatically. 

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